Mexico City - Hola CDMX!

Having lived in Texas for sometime now, Mexico City was on my travel list for a while. Voted as the #1 place to travel on the NYTimes "52 Places to Go in 2016" list, the largest Spanish speaking city in the world had me fascinated!

Where to Stay 

Whilst looking up places to stay in Mexico City, I came across Ignacia Guest House . It's an adorable B&B nestled in the heart of Mexico City, Roma Norte and is the perfect location for easy accessibility to the major city attractions. 

The crew at Ignacia Guest house were super hospitable, not to mention the breakfast was delectable!

Day 1

Since we got in pretty early on Friday, we decided to start at The Zocalo, which is the main city square. Uber in Mexico City is the way to go! Its safe and inexpensive. 

At The Zocalo, we walked around, checked out the Metropolitan Cathedral and enjoyed the sights and sounds. 

Day 2

If you're in Mexico city, I highly recommend the Teotihuacan Pyramids. They're located about an hour and 15 minutes outside Mexico City. The folks at our B&B arranged a ride for us. We spent about 4 hours there and climbed up 2 main pyramids - The Pyramid of the Sun & Moon. 

Day 3

Ah our last day in Mexico City! After the exhausting day spent at the pyramids, we decided to just relax and walk around some of the popular neighborhoods like La Condesa & Roma. Mexico City is a great place for food. It got a little tricky for me since I'm vegetarian but there are great non-mexican cafes and mezcalerias!

Mexico City is such a great not-so-little town with a lot of culture, sights, sounds, and great food! If you've been to Mexico City or plan on going, leave me a comment! Ciao!

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