What I Learnt in 2016

2016! What a year. I feel as though MY world and just THE world in general turned upside down in 2016. Life changes, the Election, you name it! I think we all left 2016 feeling a little exhausted, a little wary and just a teeny bit scared about what comes next. 

Its finally the new year and I want to share some lessons I learnt in the year that was!

Life is going to give you curveballs. MAJOR ones!

Life is going to throw you curveballs when you least expect it. Situations that you never imagined will come up. Never be too comfortable or take things for granted. Just be sincere in everything you do. If it doesn't go your away atleast you'll come out of it knowing you gave it your best shot! And there's no better feeling than that:)

Fall down 7 times, stand up 8!


This one is huge for me. I'd been preparing for a test for what felt like atleast a couple of years last year.  Every few months I'd fall off the wagon. What really helped me succeed is visualizing my goal. Be it a fitness goal, a hobby or just personal growth, visualizing where you could be after you've put in the work will help you get there. Just don't turn it into a day dream! ;)

Procrastination is SO 2016

Seriously STOP doing this. I'm a serial procrastinator and I'm almost ready to believe that cost me some very important things in 2016. How am I making up for it? First long weekend of the year: Groceries done, wardrobe set, meals planned and oh I even have my outfit picked out for tomorrow ;)

Never, never underestimate the importance of Family

For those of ya'll who live away from home, it sometimes feels like a chore to take Grandma's call or FaceTime your dad. I promise you'll feel SO much better after you speak to family. At the end of the year I was so beat with everything that was going on with work and deadlines and my blog that I took time off and just went home and stayed with family. It was the best. Its scientifically proven how family relationships help cure stress, make people happier and also healthier! Did you know a 5 second hug can help reduce stress by almost 20%? #missioncuddles

Be Nice-er

TRY. If I had a nickel for every time I wanted to whack someone who stopped at my desk at 9am asking for help or something, I be like hey buddy, I JUST got in and don't even have my coffee, how about you come back at never-o-clock?! But then I'm like OK girl, be NICE. Try it. You'll feel better and others will like you. Its a serious win-win. Pay someone a genuine compliment. Buy a co worker ice cream, just keep it simple! You'll be surprised how much you may be helping.

Work is work and Play is play

With our phones synced to work email and lines blurring between the work day and personal time, its really time to make some boundaries. Try not to let work bleed into personal time. That will just leave you feeling exhausted and worn out. I like to frontload my work day in the office by really flying through my top 3 tasks before lunch  time when I'm most productive. That leaves me ample time to get through 5000 emails, chats and printer trips in the second half of the day. I also unsync my iPhone from Wifi when I'm working out so its just me and my music on the treadmill #therapy

Surround yourself with a good Tribe

I think the most important investment is one of your emotions in other people. Be careful who you invest your time with. Sometimes an evening at home on your couch with a cup of coffee is a lot more fulfilling than a not so enriching social interaction. Value your time and spend it with the right people. Don't take the people who love you for granted. You'll realize their value when you don't have it

Listen more, broadcast less

This one is a personal goal this year. I'm striving to become a better listener and an active listener at that. Don't always feel the pressure to verbally contribute to a conversation. You'd be surprised how many people just need you to listen sometimes!

Social Media Time

Lets talk about this one which is kinda tricky since I'm a blogger now. I did a little calc on how many hours there are in the day and how many I literally just while away refreshing Instagram and Facebook even though I know there won't be any new updates. 

Keep time - Limit Social Media time. I know this is tricky and its a major work in progress for me personally but Social Media can get toxic and become a time black hole. Save yourself before its too late #unplug

Keep it simple, Silly!

Lastly, sometimes, somethings just aren't meant to be. Let go! And on the flipside sometimes, somethings ARE meant to be. Don't overthink it and just take the plunge! #mindwarp


All in all, Laugh hard and Love deeply:)  I hope ya'll have a fabulous 2017!