Favorite Hair care products + Routine


I get asked a lot about my favorite hair care products and what my shampoo routine looks like, so here goes!

Firstly, its in the genes and your diet. There's no real magic formula. Hair of all types is beautiful! Mine is slightly wavy and voluminous but I also have a combination scalp so things can get tricky! While growing up, I wished for fine hair that was smooth and straight, but you gotta work with what God gave ya right?

So, here's my quick hair care routine:

Shampoo: Monday/Wednesday/Friday

I use Schwarzkopf Gliss ($4.99) which is an oil based shampoo. It works wonders for my combination scalp and leaves it soft and silky! I am also a huge fan of a similar shampoo by L'oreal

I use the same conditioner ($3.99) and apply it only to the ends, leaving it on for about a min and then rinsing with COLD water - this is key and it helps seal in the shine. 

Now comes the magic trick - Argan Oil! I use this concentrate by Garnier on damp hair. If I wash my hair on a Sunday night, I'll let it air dry and then loosely tie it and smooth it down with the concentrate. I'll wake up with Monday ready hair like Voila! 

If you must use a hair dryer, use one that has frizz reducing heating tech, like my fav !

Style: Tuesday/Saturday 

Second day hair is super easy to style and even looks better. 

I use a Nume 1" hair curling wand to achieve this style that I love and wear pretty frequently. 

Start with air dried hair + argan oil concentrate+a quick smooth down using your favorite straightening iron and then curl away!

If you guys try this routine, leave me a comment and tell me what you thought of it!

xoxo, Ruchi